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Decal Application Instructions for vinyl Graphics


Please note: Your decals are covered with a protective masking, which will be removed after application. This holds the graphics in place. It also gives the decals more body, keeping them from tearing, folding, getting scratched, etc.

You will need: The decal(s), window cleaner, paper towels, a spray bottle and a small dry towel or a squeegee (a credit card will work well as a squeegee).

Please read instructions completely before starting application.

Clean the surface where you are applying decal. Window cleaner or an ammonia based cleaner works best, as it will leave little residue. Brush off any lint.

Carefully remove backing paper from the decal, making sure not to touch the back of the decal to itself.

Lightly wet the back of the decal by misting with water OR 99% water/1% dish soap mixture. (Soap mixture gives you a little more play in movement.) Do not use an alcohol or ammonia based product, as it will compromise the adhesive.

Holding the decal by the left and right sides, and keeping the decal flat, place the decal against the surface. The water will keep the decal from sticking right away; to give you time to get the placement right.

Once the decal is where you want it, carefully and firmly push the water out with a squeegee or dry towel. Let dry. A credit card will also work nicely as a squeegee.

Wait a couple of minutes, and begin to remove the top masking. Do it slowly and pull the masking tape straight back at 180 degrees. Not upwards, but like you are laying it over until it is finally at the end, and tah-dah! If decals or letters begin to pull up with the transfer tape, they have not been applied firmly enough. Using your squeegee, go over the lettering again with firm overlapping strokes then once again attempt to remove the transfer tape.

Any air bubbles can be popped with a straight pin and smoothed with your finger.

To apply small type decals, you can apply it dry, BUT you only get one shot at it. If you choose this method. Do everything as above except for wetting the back of the decal. Make sure the window is clean and free of lint. Always use a paper towel.